You decide where your 1% Back goes
Customers save your ROGERS’ receipts!! We give back 1% of the subtotal to any Church or Non-Profit organization. Turn in your receipts at the office and place your Church name or Non-Profit organization’s name on a piece of paper as well as your name. Secure these items in a bag or envelope so that they stay together. The check will be made out to the Church or Non-Profit organization with your name in the memo portion. Normal time to process these receipts is about 7-10 days. Please check in at the office next time you are in ROGERS’ and ask about your Church check or 1% back check. This is how we give back to our local community!!

Box Tops for Education
With Box Tops for Education, schools can earn needed money by shopping and saving Box Tops from hundreds of participating General Mills products. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents, and enrolled schools can earn up to $20,000 per year. To sign up for Boxtops for Education, to request another starter kit, or for general information about Boxtops, visit BoxTops4Education.com.

Best Choice Save-a-Label Program
Earn .03 cents per label for your non-profit organization! Redeem bundles of 1,000 labels (UPC portion) for $30 per bundle. To set up your non profit organization, call 1-913-288-1165.