Christmas Dinner: Chocolate Popcorn Mix

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Two bags Best Choice Natural Microwave Popcorn
6 cubes of Best Choice White Almond Bark
2 cups Always Save Pretzel Sticks
1 medium bag of red & green M&Ms
Red and green sprinkles
Wax paper

Pop one bag of popcorn in the microwave for approximately two minutes. Remove any unpopped kernels. Then, melt three cubes of almond bark in the microwave. Pour popcorn in a large bowl with half of the M&Ms bag and 1 cup of pretzel sticks broken in half. Pour melted almond bark on top, stirring everything together gently. On a large pan covered with wax paper, spread out popcorn mixture. Repeat all of these steps with second bag of popcorn. Once both bags are complete and spread on wax paper, top with red and green sprinkles. Cool before serving.

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