No time to shop?
Our friendly Personal Shopper will shop for you. All you have to do is send us your grocery list via one of three convenient ways, decide a pick up or delivery time and then pick up your order using our Curbside Pickup service or let Mobile Menus deliver your order to your home or business. The process is simple and easy.

Curbside Pickup: Free
Delivery to home or business: Under $20 – $10; $20 to $50 – 15% plus $3; Over $50 – 10% plus $3; Outside city limits – $10 plus percentage (Call 662-665-1905 for longer distance pricing.)

Service Times
Curbside Pickup: Monday-Saturday, 8 am to 7 pm with the latest pickup time scheduled by 8 pm.
Delivery: Monday, 1:30 pm to 5 pm; Tuesday-Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm

Call or text: 662-603-7555

How to place an order?

Submit your order online at

• Text or Call: 662-603-7555.

• Email:

• Submit order on AnyList app

Here’s how Personal Shopper with Curbside Pickup works (Delivery also available)

STEP 1: Roger’s Personal Shoppers receive your order and immediately
begin the process of pulling items from the shelves. If there are item specific
questions or if an item you request is on sale, we’ll let you know via text.


STEP 2: Once your items have been completely gathered, we will process
the order. Items will be gently placed in special shopping bags with handles
and cold items will be placed in a cooler until your requested pick up time.
We often take photos of your order to ensure all items are correct, and we
always text to let you know when it is complete.


STEP 3: Once you arrive at Roger’s, you’ll find a convenient reserved parking
space near the entrance of the store. Once you arrive, our Personal Shopper
will meet you at your vehicle with order receipt and mobile card reader, if needed.
Once the transaction is complete, your order will be loaded into your vehicle.